Case Studies

Marine Archaeology

The imaging of the J.E. Boyden in Lake Union, WA serves to demonstrate the capability of the 3DSS as a tool for marine archaeology.

Data Examples

Bathymetry in the Presence of Water Column Targets

A comparison of single angle (interfermetric) and multi-angle (CAATI) returns with water column targets present.

Detection of Mine-Like Objects

A report detailing suitability as a minehunting sonar unit.

Identification of Objects on the Seafloor

An overview of target identification using 3D Side Scan.

Posters and Publications

Ping DSP MBES Bathymetry Engine

An overview of the 3DSS MBES Bathymetry Engine processor.

CHS Shallow Water Hydrography

A summary of the 3DSS Sonar's suitability for shallow water wide swath bathymetry.

DRDC Mine Hunting Analysis

A report generated following MCM testing in Halifax, NFLD.

Hydrographic Standards

CHS Standards for Hydrographic Surveys

Hydrographic survey standards published by the Canadian Hydrographic Service.

IHO S-44

S-44 is the predominant set of international hydrographic standards adhered to around the world.

USACE Hydrographic Survey

EM 1110-2 1003

LINZ Standards

Land Information New Zealand Contract specification for hydrographic surveys