ASV and AUV Applications

The 3DSS-DX-450 has a total length of less than 2 feet, and a typical power consumption of 18W. This makes it ideal for many ASV and AUV applications where size and power consumption are concerning factors. The 3DSS-DX-450 is also available as a module for integration in AUVs.

The 3DSS has been successfully integrated on a range of ASV and AUV platforms for clients requiring accurate wide-swath bathymetry and imagery. This video, courtesy of DRDC Canada, shows a time-synchronous demonstration of the 3DSS mounted onboard a USV2600 vehicle. The 3DSS underwent testing in February of 2016 to demonstrate its utility during Mine Countermeasure Mission (MCM) trials.

Unmanned and autonomous vehicles provide stable platforms for repeatable site observation and data collection. L3 OceanServer currently operates IVER-3 submersibles with 3DSS OEM packages for hydrographic and imaging applications.

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